Link: List of ALL IF Airports


List of COMPLETED Airports in IF with links to Parking Maps / Navigation / Routes


Visual WORLD MAP of ALL Airports by Country (Drill down)


Thanks for all yours and the Airport Editing Teams hard work with this project!


27,000 rows of data on a web page is typically too much. That is why I usually promote the Google Map listing by country where the data is split up. The data could be shared other ways however typically this would require that every user logs in with an authentication.

When I access it on my phone I can see it well using the Google Sheet application.

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Latest Update 12-02-18
ALL Airports:

Completed Airports:

Visual Entryway to kilt’s Airports:

Enjoy :)

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If the first list was all completed airports you need to get rid of KMKL cause it definitely ain’t done.

Wow, man… you did the great job. For now im doing the biggest livery wishlist

Hi there. The 1st list is ALL airports done/not done. The flags are there so that you can mask whichever subset you care for. The 2nd list is those which have been edited. Hope this helps.


(Meanwhile we are working through all of the other opportunities)

Ok. Thanks. KMKLnis being worked on and theres specific hangar parking in 3 hangars so I would like to contact the person working on it rn to show them the parking. I know it’s been juggled around 3 or 4 times from planetraintv. But if you could tag the editor that would be great.

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