Link for joining airport editing team?

Hey there,
I couldnt find the link to the aieport editing team . Can somebody give it to me?
Thanks in advance.
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I added you into the pms of IFAE. They will help you there.

Allright cool!

Hmm. What’s this?

Anyhow, the official site is Follow the steps there to join.


Thabk you Henrik!

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Something that Patrick made. Also, I am having trouble with git hub.

If you’re having trouble, you should ask for help in the Slack. Unless you weren’t invited? :)

PM Hen for anymore questions.

Just a reminder, all official airport editing activity goes on in our Slack team, which you can join by emailing

Any external PM thread isn’t official or trustworthy, and new editors shouldn’t join these without first becoming part of the Slack team.

Cc. @Patrick_U, @Narroc_Wim