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Is there any way to see who clicked on a link that you or someone else posted? If not, is there any way for this to be implemented?

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Instead of showing who pressed the link, I’m pretty sure it just show how many people clicked on it.

I know that, I just wanted to know if we can see who pressed on it

Oh, well it does not show who clicked the link.

what schyllberg said for ideas

See above from schyllberg.

If so. He will probably ask Discourse as staff can just send them a message from this forum. However @PilotDog is correct

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Personally although this is something you posted, you posted it publicly at your own risk. It is completely unnecessary to invade others privacy.

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On polls you can see who voted for what, so I don’t see the problem.

Yes, that’s the whole point of a poll. So everyone gets their say. I’m sure that no one would want to go through looking anyones search history :)

That’s different to an open opinion.

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