Link account issues

I had to format my phone. when I download infinity flight … and I try to link my account … the game crush…


  1. Which device?
  2. What Ios or Android version
  3. Type of Account you using for IF

note 4
5.1.1 android
google account

Re-Download the game
Do a soft reset
After restart try logging in the game again
When able press restore purchases
Tell me sucsess or not

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i try all u say but… didn`t work … re download and clear data&deleted it… and restart the phone twice … the same think !!! game crush … can i send a screenshoot?

Yes please

that happend

Ah…ok, so the game dont crash, the loginside wont load?

Can you try restore purchases?
Is your phone rooted?
Did you grant internet acsess for the app?

i think it the problem not with the restore pruchases… coz i deleted all data and downloaded again!
and my phone is stoke… yestrday i was playing online… after i format my phone and downloaded it again the loginside wont load and game take moment and crush!

Well…the last thing what we can do here, is do a full wipe of your phone, backup your data, do an full factory reset, dont put the backup on your phone just yet, first download the game, login and see if it works…if, yes restore from backup…when crashing again, then there is a bug inside the backup…

ohh thank u mate for your help i will try to format the phone again … and try it … i think the problem with the google play services…

Tell me it worked or not, if the error still occur, you have to contact staff…

i will… thank u again

You can also check here . There i made a full tutorial on reseting and stuff.