Lining up Command Unicom

Hi all I’ve thought about a new lining up command. For example when your holding short of a runway and the landing aircraft passes in front of
You, you can use the lining up command. This will alert the aircraft on the approach that your coming on the runway and will slow down if needed. People are going to say why don’t you just use the takeoff command, yes I get that but you can’t use that command when the landing aircraft still hasn’t vacated the runway. This is how the command will go.

“Channex12 Lining up runway 23R”

Given that after lining up, you’d still be using the take off command, I see this as a redundant command, being entirely honest.


It’s in the title…


It’s already specified in the feature title.


Don’t forget to vote for your own role. :)


The other thing I see is, this will be abused. For example, you are on unicom coming in for a landing, you’re on a 4nm final, and then all of a sudden…

“xxx is lining up runway 34R.

Now, you could assume that they will then say taking off, however, they could just sit there and do nothing, thus trolling and ruining an experience for other users.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea, but I have a gut feeling that it would be abused, and be abused quite heavily.

If you have a way to take care of the trolls and not use the Line Up feature for unicom, please let me know.


Personally I see it will have a place Becuase it’s not lie that people claim that they are ok “final” but yet there are still a considerable distance out.

It wasnt there before

Always thought the 2 most needed Unicom commands are back taxi and this! Would vote but got none left :(

Maybe ink the future!

It was mate

This feature comes up every now and then, Tyler had a really good response to this in the past on how it is used IRL.


This does sound interesting

If you sit on the runway for more then 60 seconds you get a violation! So it shouldn’t be used for trolling unless they are farming violations 🥴

This could have a programmed statement in which a plane holding short will not have the option to do so if there is an approach aircraft less than a 6 mile final. A warning statement could state, do not enter runway, aircraft is on final.

This should be implemented, very much needed.

I agree with this