Line up & wait VS Hold Short

Hopefully some of the new players or less experienced / non pilots read this - I’ve been seeing this issue A LOT lately when acting as ATC, seems people are getting confused with the term ‘line up and wait’. I understand 95% of you already know this, but I’m seeing it a lot and wanted to bring it back up.

HOLD SHORT - taxi to, and hold short (behind the line, in simple terms) of the designated runway.

LINE UP & WAIT - taxi ONTO the runway, line up on the centreline, have the aircraft prepared for immediate takeoff, and expect takeoff clearance within seconds.

The old terminology of ‘taxi into position & hold’ was much clearer.


True; unfortunately you have to take up the terminology thing with the FAA XD

I was just about to create a topic of this when I saw that you did this. This is so annoying when I tell someone to line up and wait but they just hold short. And they only move when you say cleared for take off. It’s really frustrating.


I am almost alwways a ATC and I say always line up & wait