Line up then hold short x5

ATC told me to line up and hold short several times over a 5-10 minute period, then gave me a violation.

They would tell me to line up, then tell another plane to line up and cancel my clearance and tell me to hold short, then repeat like 5 times.

This happened at KSFO on the expert server

Give a dm to the ATC controller that gave the violation. They’ll most likely have an IFC account since you have to be an IFATC member to control the ES with an IFC account.

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Looks like the controller was waiting 20+ seconds for you to line up and you didn’t move, from 05 to 31. You’re still at the HS line in your screenshot. If it’s busy I understand why he’d tell another plane to line up.


There were idle planes on the runway each time. There was absolutely no way for me to line up as the planes on the runway didn’t even have takeoff clearance yet

Hi @EJ1,

I recommend reviewing Drummer’s topic:

There is detailed instructions on how to proceed.

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@EJ1 - Hello, sorry to see the report. Controllers can give multiple line ups to aircrafts on seperate hold shorts. In your case what you did was you did not line up the first time I asked, then I had to give you hold short. You did the same next time. Because you were not being quick, there was a line behind you waiting for departure. Hence I had no option but to report you as you were delaying the departures. Please check with Appeals team on the report if you need any clarification. Thank you so much.


Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate the response!