Line Up Perfectly With Runway Centerline While Landing

While landing my aircraft, its never lined up perfectly with the centerline. When I try to make manual corrections, it oscillates left and right and goes haywire. The way I try is to disable HDG temporarily, make quick correction and re engage HDG, but it doesn’t work. As I approach nearer, I see my plane is not aligned with the localizer. Please help

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When you are landing you want your autopilot to be off. If you HDG is on the plane will not move to the left or the right. Take the plane off autopilot and use your rudder in windy situations to maintain the centerline. Either land full manual or in APPR mode. I make use of my rudder often when landing. If you are not lined up on the centerline and and don’t deem the landing safe you can always go around and try again :)


If you’re on an ILS approach (red cone) then make use of the Localizer which is under your heading.


Is it too late to go around at 800ft?

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Depends on the runway elevation, once you are below minimums I would not go around, you need to make the decision before minimums. You can always go around after minimums if the situation gets bad though. For Example: If you know that you will be to the left of the runway and the landing will be bad, perform a go around right away. Another Example is if you landing is rough and the plane bounces back off the runway and into the air, do not try to land it, perform a go around and come back to try again.

Making manual corrections leading to it oscillating around and going haywire sounds like you’re using the rudder but not holding it. When you’re trying to land anytime, try to get generally nicely lined up a while before hand ie. don’t make a plan to line up a 90* turn on the runway, but instead make slight adjustments and tweaks as you approach. If you touch the rudder, make sure to move it slowly and if your using it to fight the wind on final, you must keep hold of it until touch down. This gets a bit fiddly on a phone, but keep your finger on the rudder and move it slowly to adjust. This is a mistake I used to make quite often and I thought that tapping the rudder would align the plane - it doesn’t. If you let go of the rudder while fighting against wind then the plane returns to a similar position to what it was before you used it. This is what the crazy oscillations could be, so make sure you keep hold of it and guide it slowly until you have touched down and then release obviously. Good luck!

Try different Sensitivity settings.

It sure would be nice for them to, but one thing at a time :)

I am using a One Plus One, I simply cannot hold the heading stable with the HDG disabled, even with normal sensitivity settings. Is this the case with most people? Also, I have to keep manually adjusting heading and enable HDG repetitively till I reach about 100 ft, still the nose wheel is not on the centerline. This is very annoying. Any help is appreciated.

Try with a fixed point in your cockpit. Spawn on solo on any runway for takeoff, and search for a part of the cockpit that its aligned with the runway’s centreline.

Don’t worry happens to almost all of us especially when windy

If you cant land perfectly at the centerline just allign yourself during landing roll

Maybe this link might help.Good luck!

Guess what buddy, you either need the airports tags enabled or it’s a crosswind.

Crosswinds can affect your aircraft dramatically, it pushes the aircraft to one side meaning that you have to point that aircraft on the opposite side. It’s called crabbing.

What exactly is a crosswind? It’s a direction in which the wind is pushing against your aircraft. Only when it’s directed to the side of your vessel. That’s the basic definition, I’m not planning to go into detail.

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MaxSez. Stop depending on auto pilot folks. Hand fly the airplane on final.
Use the “Bore Sight” & “Fight Vector” in the HUD! Stay away from short finals in Live. Always set up an Approach so your stable when you reach the the short final waypoint (distance based on aircraft performence characteristics). Short finals are for IF grade 4&5’s. Can’t get stable on Approach, strap on a 172 in Solo, do short final touch & goes till you get it right. “Right” is stable over the threshold no matter the weather conditions. Not Stable go around/missed, do it again forever if necessary.

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How do you do this? Impressive!

Well, simple:

First, you find the heading of the airport! Then, you keep on changing the degree until you are perfect. The only problem is when you land, the localizer changes, and you aren’t landing. Sadly, I crash landed at that runway.

You are not supposed to land with the autopilot enabled.

Kudos for the good landing speed though, some pilots land at 200 knots, which you may know.

Playground only or Advanced too?