Line up and wait violation

Has this happened to anyone else?

I recieved a violation today for remaining idle on a runway while following ATC instructions. Either the controller was new and didn’t know what they were doing, or they accidentally forgot to clear me for takeoff (ATC Playground, who really knows!). They told me to line up and wait while another plane took off, but then they just had me sit there on the runway.

After I received my violation, they cleared me to remain in the pattern, I took off, and lost contact with the tower on my downwind. The ATC icon was greyed out and the map showed no one controlling, but it was still highlighted green. When I ended the flight it showed no new stats for the flight and zeros for flight time. I checked my stats and the violation did report.

I’m not sure this violation should apply to pilots following ATC instructions. If anything the controller should get a warning notice that they left a plane idle on their runway.

I’m posting this under bugs because of the grayed out ATC icon and the stats not updating at the end of the flight. I had a good connection throughout.

Basic Details:
-August 4, 2015
-about 2300 Zulu
-Call sign “VF031”
-ATC playground
-London region
-Heathrow airport
-Flying a Citation
-About 5 fliers region wide
-About 3 controllers region wide

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Are you sure the controller didn’t clear your for takeoff? If not then that is weird.

How long you had to sit there? Approx? I never had this issue I’m just trying to workout you get violation after what period.

Yeah, I checked my log after it got weird and they had me waiting.

I do not know exactly how long I sat there, but when they cleared me to takeoff, the plane that took off in front of me was about 5 mm past the end of the ILS cone on the map. My guess is almost 2 min.

In the future I’m definitely going to take that advice! There was no one else in line to takeoff or land, so I was in no rush. I didn’t know this was a violation while under ATC control or I would have pushed the issue.

Yeh that’s long time. I would have open the map to see if someone too slow exiting runway, someone try to land wrong side of runway, maybe he’s keeping gap between you and the one took off, or someone just declare missed approach. Is he controlling 2 frequency. If you take these scenarios you know approx how long one of these things can take, after that time I will send “Resand last msg”. But you make sure check ATC log to see you are not missed the msg. Anyways how come someone miss the guy on the runway regardless of he’s allowed to enter or not allowed.

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This happens a lot to me to,I fly on ATC Playground and in the Southern California region. It’s always either at KONT or KLAX. I just start my takeoff roll when it gives me a warning. (even though I wasn’t cleared)

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That’s quite interesting; as far as I was aware you don’t get violations when there’s active ATC present. It was actually tested by a couple of people with good credibility.

However perhaps this only affects Advanced Server?

I’ve never seen it happen on playground - I’ve held people in the line up position for over a minute (Cessna 172 taking off - with an A380 holding)…, if you’ve been instructed to line up and wait and you get a violation if you’re waiting too long, that’s a MASSIVE BUG which needs to be rectified by the Devs. Shouldn’t happen on any server, unless it’s Unicom

You don’t get violations whe directed by ATC to line up and wait. It’s been tested. Something else was going on.

from time to time someone clears me to line up and wait and then tells me to vacate the runway immediately lol

I thought you don’t get violations for runway idling when told to line up and wait by the controller?

There Must be a bug on there since ATC Couldnt Give Violation to Pilots. Only the Server can do it

Yes, this happened also to me at Newark on the Advanced server some months ago.

when he says :line up and wait: you shouldn’t actual be on the runway it self , you should be on the hold short position

Okay thanks

@KCCO_WestOne, that’s what I would have thought, but I swear it happened! With the ATC icon dropping out and the stats not reporting, I think something strange was happening.

I monitor my violations closely and take pride in keeping them in single digits (kind of sad). I recently joined the 50hr/50xp club with only 8 violations, this was my 9th. This one hurt… Jk


If the ATC icon dropped out, that means the controller left and it went to Unicom. If that happens, then I believe the timer will kick in because you are no longer at a controlled airfield. Someone may want to double check that.