Line Up and Wait System Ghosting issue

Hello to all community members!

I was recently at Rome Fiumicino LIRF for the FNF.

Upon reaching runway 25, I was instructed by the tower to line up and wait (LUAW). There were 3 aircraft inbound to Runway 34L and i understood that my turn would be after all three of them since spacing was very tight.

But after a while I received a system warning for sitting idle on the runway with a threat to ghost unless I takeoff or exit the runway. I did not have clearance to takeoff and neither could I move off the runway since there is no atc command to notify the controller of my intentions.

I decided to end the flight immediately, as I was not willing to risk a ghost on my spotless grade stats.

However, my question to devs and staff is that before the recent update, LUAW commands did not result in a system warning no matter how long we were there, since it was a valid atc command. Then why is it implemented now?

I am completely against this and with all due respect, it should be removed before an innocent, law-abiding pilot like myself does get actually ghosted for following the rules correctly.

Amaar Viqar


You should announce to tower and leave the runway

Announce what? There is no formal command to announce for a takeoff request when already told to LUAW. This is a pretty big problem that needs to be addressed, maybe @Amaar_Viqar, would you be willing to provied your game replay?

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You should not be (system) ghosted for rwy idle when IFATC present.
@Chris_S Can you have a look at this?


We will take a look. You should not have a runway warning if a controlled frequency gives you a command. That should apply to unicom only.


I am uploading my replay as well for proof. Excuse my slow connection, it will be done shortly.

Hey there:
In my opinion you can leave the runway even if there is no such ATC command like aborting takeoff.

Also this problem could lead to a little mistake to the IFATC. Mistakes do happen and the controllers do apologise after a little issue.

And you did the right thing, too. I’d leave in your situation.

You can share your flight replay at

Also, the warning states that when staying too long it may risk of a ghosting by any IFATC, not that you will get one. The IFATC told you to line up and wait, so there is nothing wrong to me.

Even if you were ghosted by the system, it would not be your fault. As long as you provided proof to the moderators, as you did, I’m sure it would have been taken off your record.

He did the right thing. Better off not getting one anyways. This is not a long haul flight, so he could easily try again.

I understand that @Nathan, but my query is directed to the fact that this should not be there in the first place.

Thank you. Please PM the link.

No worries. I understand where you’re coming from. Just something I thought I should mention for reassurance. :)

Best of luck.

Are you sure the ATC told you to line up and wait and not Hold short of the runway

Present solution: leave throttle on 1% and the warning won’t trigger

Yes I am sure @Izhaar95

The warning clearly states to get out of the runway. The 1% throttle won’t change anything.


If atc tells him to hold short and he lines up he will get ghosted for entering the runway without permission

Handling via PM.