Line up and Wait Question

Hello everyone,

I have a question about how ATC can issue line up and waits.

If I’m controlling, can I issue a Line up and Wait command when there is no incoming traffic? As in, there’s no arriving traffic. The reason I’m asking this, is, for example, if I get a pushback request just as an aircraft reaches the hold short line, can I issue the line up and wait command, and by the time the aircraft has taxied into takeoff position and set up everything they need to do, I’ve cleared the pushback?

If you’re wondering why I shouldn’t just give clearance, it’s because I like to track an aircraft immediately after takeoff (see how they’re doing, their speed and altitude, etc.) and there are some proactive users out there who are already ready, and if I look away for even a second, they set up 100% power before even entering the runway and rolling at 100 knots within a few seconds.

Obviously, I don’t use this unnecessarily when there’s more traffic, to save time for both me and the users.

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From an efficiency standpoint, you wouldn’t want to issue a LUAW command in that scenario. If you’re being pro active, what you can do is just issue a takeoff clearance. This doesn’t mean they have to scoot right in that second. You’ll still be able to track them as you’d like.


Check out this section in the manual regarding the use of this command. I’m pretty sure I’m understanding what you’re asking.