Line up and wait meaning!

Hey everyone,

Recently I was controlling on TS1 for a couple of hours, and I couldn’t believe the amount of pilots that didn’t understand the command “line up and wait”. It made things much harder for me and all the traffic in line for take off. I thought that it’s a command everyone knows Grade 1 or not.

Anyway for anyone that isn’t sure… line up and wait means to line up on the runway and wait for further instruction.

Just a little topic I felt needed addressing,
Happy flying!


R u sure? Sounds Impossible 😮


You can’t expect much on TS1 with regard to pilot’s knowledge my friend. It is called training server for a reason :)

If people don’t know what that means on this forum, we’ve got ourselves a problem Darragh!
Blue skies!


I’m pretty sure that the majority know what the command means. It’s actually pretty self explanatory.

The reason your command isn’t being followed is not because people don’t understand it. It’s just because they have chosen not to listen to you as, being truthful, the ATC doesn’t really have a voice in the training server.


Where were you controlling

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TS1 problems, there’s is like a zillion topics about this… TS = Training server. Don’t expect anyone to know anything.