"Line Up and Wait" Episode 2:Regional First Officer Interview

Hello community:

On Friday, I will be recording the second episode of “Line Up and Wait” which is a podcast type series on my brothers and I’s youtube channel. As with all podcast type videos, we ask the community to ask questions below. Please be mindful that he is a regional FO for a regional carrier in the US. You can ask anything from how he got started in aviation to tips and tricks to get where he is today.

Disclaimer: Not all questions may be asked but I will try my best to answer them.


Sounds great! I will watch ASAP!

Its not out yet. It’ll be out probably late Friday or Saturday evening after I get done flying. We are recording this episode on Friday.

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Does he think it’s ever too late to take up a career as a commercial pilot, does he have any real world example of “late entrant” guys and does he think they bring anything extra that a young pilot doesn’t?

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Thanks for the question! That is a good one

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I look forward to hearing the answer ;)

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What aircraft does he fly and what’s his favorite thing about flying it? Would he ever consider switching to another aircraft?

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How was he able to find the money and resources to complete the minimum requierments for many airlines (Military Experience, etc.), and does he have any tips for future pilots to get to airlines as quickly as possible. (Classes to take, Ap courses, etc.)

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Thanks for the question

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