'Line up and Wait' ATC playground

Does anyone else have any problem when controlling on the ATC playground servers with people not knowing what line up and wait means, I mean the clue is in the name it’s so annoying


Yes, I hate when people just take off when ATC says ‘line up and wait’, I did it when I first got IF but I don’t anymore.

Usually for me I say line up and wait and they just Hold short it’s really frustrating I have to just give them take off clearance there is nothing else you can do 😡

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I also hate it when someone goes on the runway when a plane is about to land. It makes Live unrealistic.

So? I also have a Hispanic name and wouldn´t do that.

Its playground, don’t expect to have a fun experience all the time.

I so agree with you and some other people don’t have any patience for landing aircraft or that they have to wait.

What? You have a Hispanic name?

Its Playground unfortunately, going to happen