Line of planes going over the arctic

i was flying from dublin to edinburgh and noticed a huge convoy of 747-400s flying from egll to ksfo. i assume this is one person running multiple flights on multiple devices (or some tech magic), has anyone else noticed this/ something similar/ done this before?


Yeah, it’s one person flying that route. Looks like @pilotcharles737 is the 1st plane ahead. I remember he said he had multiple accounts on different devices


One person, there is someone who flies like 5 planes at once idk how


this is likely a group flight but i could be wrong

it is a group flight.

Yeah thats me lol i fly 10 aircraft at once

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I have been trying to go to SFO and LAX but LAX is way to bugged at the moment so i will have to wait until it gets fixed to redo the flights again

Actually I fly 10 now lol


My god thats alot

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🤯Wow, i mean how it is remotely possible??
That’s why you got 10 devices 😂🤔


10 different accounts, that must be an expensive hobby 💸💸💸


oh my goodness

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You realise if you duplicate your IF account more than one, then its curtains for you as it is not allowed under the terms& conditions on IF.
This is somewhat very unusual and unique.
My question to you:
Why running on 10 different accounts with subs costing a huge amount of money?


Jesus I’ve never seen so many devices used for one thing in my life

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Thats why i have multiple accounts LOL

100$ a month but well worth it considering i make 600$ a month by working so my profits are about 500$

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