Linden Airport, New Jersey | WIP

Linden (KLDJ) is an airport in the New York/New Jersey area, just a few miles south of Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (KEWR).

This airport is perfect if you want to cruise down Long Island or the Hudson River in a TBM, or as a place to stop by in a 172.

This airport can fit any aircraft up to the size of the upcoming challenger 350, and has a runway length of 4,140 feet.

Just wanted to show what I’m working on!


Making great progress! I love the modeling and I can’t wait to use this airport when it is released. Keep up the amazing work. :D

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Amazing photo, I love the editing you did on that one!!


Thank you so much!

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KLDJ Is marked for release (hopefully) in 23.2! It’s sent out for review, and everything looks good and ready for release!

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