Limiting lag on Android?

I found out that, by turning off the wifi, deleting every background app and restarting the phone, I could end up with 50% of RAM usage, instead of the 70% I usually see (yes, I found out today).

Are there any other ways in which I could reduce the lag? I have the frame rate icon checked, and everything is on low quality (I may raise the aircraft quality to medium again).


Samsung Galaxy S5.
Android 5.
Last version of IF.

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Usually, I’m using “Force Stop” button on heavy apps (like Chrome, Youtube) to reduce the lags

Sadly it isn’t enough. Facebook is another heavy, so I deleted it too.


Go to the accounts settings and turn off the automatic sync on all apps.

That’s why I better to use Facebook or Twitter via Chrome instead
Or Maybe use some cleaning apps Like Clean Master

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You can try to set Airplane Count to low or medium. Another reason of lagging.

Which device do you have?

On the original post ;)

Sorry didn’t ses

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In that case, download package disabler pro and search on XDA a threat that’s called de-bloathing touch wiz

How could that help?

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Stops background apps from running only until you open them. So if you open IF, only IF will use the network.

I unchecked the “limit frame rate” box, it helped a bit. Maybe its time I buy something with Android, specially manufactured to play games.

Get a Nexus 6P. Runs amazingly fast on my phone!

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I’ll think about it.

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