Limitation to post X number of Polls per day per user

Looking at the really high numbers of polls that are posted (by a few users) to nearly every topic I’d suggest the posting of polls should be limited. Polls can be a great media to have the community decide between a few things but some ppl post polls at every possible occasion. (And you guessed it I think it’s a bit annoying.) What are your thoughts about this?


I rather have X amount of feature requests a day
But your idea is great


I think against this. Polls are expected to be used appropriately, so if someone keeps on posting polls on [quote=“Nick_Art, post:1, topic:91793”]
nearly every topic,

just flag their post.

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I don’t think there’s a feature to limit polls per day.

I think we can only remove polls and not limit them

I’m not sure if Discourse currently offers that kind of limitation… Feel free do make a feature request on their Meta Community through! Anyways I would like anyone who reads that to avoid polls in Features requests as they’re aren’t helpful especially after the category default ordering changed…

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Are you?

I’m not laughing

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Very talented comedian !

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We’re now off-topic please return back to the main point.

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Let’s keep it simple: there are moments who are meant to be serious and other where we can laugh, make sarcastic comments and have fun. This is clearly a serious discussion. Your comment was unnecessary, childish and could possibly offend the topic’s owner. Please take this in consideration in the future. Feel free to PM me if you wish to continue the discussion. :)

silly if you ask me. i was clearly was wondering what the people thought.using a poll to find out. i find your last comment offencive

@Adrien & @J9J9T please take your debate by PM.


I don’t think there needs to be a set number of polls per day. Maybe if we warn these users, they will post less of them.

  • Great Idea
  • Bad Idea

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Limit polls?


Oh, the irony of this…


The most irritating part is that most polls aren’t framed properly (with all the needed options, the options usually are ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Being uncapitalized, it doesn’t look great)

Example is 2 posts above with 2 errors

Calm down no need to be mean

I see absolutely no problem with polls, get to the point quicker if someone likes it or not in #features

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