Limit or Remove On Guard Warning


Are there any plans to improve the On Guard Warning? It is probably the most misused tool in the controllers tool bag! Pilots have no good way to respond when they are told to switch to a frequency that is inappropriate for their situation (assuming they are even within range to tune into that frequency).

ATC personnel trying to contact you past thirty miles out

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I get what you are telling, Fly on the Advanced, Never get trolled by our highly-trained controllers. We will always ensure you have a great experience^ on the Advanced Server.

^If you follow instructions.


This isn’t a matter of servers. Getting pinged inappropriately happens on the advanced server as well! The only difference is that the controllers will hit you with a stick if you don’t comply.


Tell me! When?

We cant do anything on the PG, this message can be used for good kind of stuffs as well the bad ones.


Usually when I’m flying a filed flight plan near a controlled airport, and I’m above the airspace.

However, I’m not going to call anyone out! That is inappropriate! Plus I don’t make it a point to document every time I’ve been wronged in IF. Although I do find pinging annoying, my skin is thicker than that. I know the controllers are doing their best on advanced.


Yes, transitional airspace is something that we need to make sure all controllers understand better. A lot of times, they will see a plane in their airspace, automatically think they’re landing, and pay no attention to the altitude. I’ve been guilty of this on approach, on guarding a plane over 18K ft before I realized it. We’ll work to make sure everyone understands this better as time goes on!


Happens sometimes when you get “on guard” and you are out of range of the tower asking you to contact them. Had been asked to contact Approach or Centre when I have been sitting at a gate still filling the flight plan! Suspect this is mainly on PG rather than Advanced, but spend about even amount of time on both at present.