Limit frame rate question

Do you recommend me keeping limit frame rate ALWAYS on??

My device can handle IF pretty well but when there is a 772 or a A359 displayed i usually have a little lag.

During Takeoff and landing i have the limit frame rate option disabled but on cruise its activated

Do you know what device your using?

Usually, if you have a well-preforming device, keeping it off helps your lag issue. I would not recommend it off if your device is older

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That really depends on your device in this case.

Having it turned on, will lock you to 30FPS. Having the app continuously running at 60FPS can take quite the toll on the device in terms of performance, heat and battery consumption.


My device is Xiaomi Redmi 9 4gbRam version

Bc with the option always on the game always perform at the same fps (30fps) but with the option disabled the game run well (60fps) but if there is a B772 or a A350 displaying on the screen the game lags a bit (45fps)

In that case, i’d say you’re fine keeping it turned off :)

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