Limit Feature Request Topics

I am suggesting strengthened guidelines for posting in #features in order to reduce over-use of the category.

  1. All aircraft livery requests are forbidden. Instead, these should be requested and voted for on the original Infinite Flight feedback site here. This is because livery requests appear to be the most recurring.

  2. Aircraft requests may remain on the forum. This is because most airliners have already been requested so the remaining topics can be used for conversation about the addition of the aircraft. Livery requests shall be forbidden in the comments.

  3. With the removal of livery requests (and a lot of aircraft requests), the #features category can mainly focus on those more interesting and rare ideas, such as requesting airport lights, new ATC commands, camera views, new functions etc… You get the idea.

  4. Polls should be forbidden in these topics. If one agree’s with the idea then they should simply ‘like’ the topic, or comment their view on the idea.

Feel free to share your opinion on this.


My two cents.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Yes

Instead we should focus on those users who make 10+ topics a day. And limit it to one per day at max. This way we don’t have “spammed” requests of topics that make no sense.

This can also help with duplicate topics, promoting that you’ve only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be better to limit to one feature request per day?

This ideal makes a lot of sense.


No point of this topic.

Most aircraft flying today have been requested, it’s just the Liverys that aren’t.

Most interesting topics like lights have been requested.

If you restrict us from liverys, the features would be empty.


No homo but I could literally kiss you right now.

The features category has grown in something people post in ‘for fun’, a good request is real rare now.


Why is it necessary to post every single livery/aircraft in the world?

Nothing wrong with requesting a cool airplane or your home livery, but it’s current state is ridiculous.

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Monitor those who post 10+ a day, one feature request per day sounds fair. It also encourages a search function.

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Previously I would have said that limiting to 1 request per day would be adequate. However, we seem to have many members who only use this forum to create #features requests. It wouldn’t reduce as much clutter as banning livery requests all together.

Also, I believe many members only create requests for likes. They must just google search any old airline and request it because they seem to have no links or information about half of the airlines.

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  1. half yes. We could post the liveries that aren’t in the real world.

  2. Yes.

  3. Agreed.

  4. Yes, even though I used a poll once on there:
    Is this a good idea?


Needs Improvements


Here’s the thing: The features category was designed to allow the devs to gauge what the community wants. How can they do this when there is 40+ new feature requests, most for the most obscure liveries and/or the livery on a slightly smaller variant.

If it was used properly, we would not need to formally restrict posting.


A limit sounds ok, but not a prohibition of livery requests…

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I think the idea of having a seperate livery request topic would be good. A subsidiary of features. So we can all just ignore the topic. Wouldn’t that be befter?

Just like #real-world-aviation has #real-world-aviation:spotting

Features can have liveries.

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Yes, but then people would post one for every single aircraft that has been requested. I would say only official ones, made by mods for aircraft due to be reworked and or new aircraft that are confirmed.

Here are my two cents:

  1. No, almost every single plane has been requested. There is a vast majority of liveries that have not been requested.

  2. Yes, the feature request is to talk about the aircraft, not it’s liveries.

  3. No, and I’ll explain why:

Do you think everyone will agree that the examples you listed are interesting? Not everyone is the same, you know.

4: Yes, please, polls do nothing, only likes determine if the request is added, not polls.

Again, just my two cents.

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most of these requests on the websites and facebook posts are from like 10 year olds that doesn’t know what it takes to code and develop a flight simulator especially on a platform that is extremely limited compared to pcs

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That’s a good idea, Mods post livery requests instead.

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That’s a good idea if mine was seen to radical, however, remember how we saw a surge of VA’s once the VA category was created? It could make it worse.

I don’t agree: What happens after all the aircraft in the game are reworked? Heck, how would the mods know which aircraft is coming next?

Mods are Beta testers. They know about everything.

The mods are in communication with the devs; I assure you they would know what’s coming.

  1. Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

True, True. This is why I still havent muted that category

This would really de-clutter the forum, having more productive topics, more productive members.

Because there are about 10000 aircraft types with about 10ish liveries for each on average. As this forum grows, people’s greed will not reduce (we are humans :) ) and in about a year or so. Only features would dominate this forum, as all aspects related to the sim will already be discussed.
Everyone has to think of the future too :)

My assumption is that, as feature requests will get atleast 30 likes in a 24 hour period. Many members use this to gain more likes…

I can probably name some users who’s posts/topics are just in Features, they do not use anything else. This also hinders the productivity.

The point when people request is that they do not realise that everything in the world cannot be added. They request everything which meets their eye or an eye-candy livery.

Also from my recent observations, the Features and Real World Aviation are leading in d per day, therefore taking the talk away from Infinite Flight.

Moreover, the 2 per day rule isnt strictly implemented by the mods, only by some regulars/members. But the user can just come next day, and create 2 more. This doesnt add up nicely.