Limit 403 error while voting?

Someone tell me why, I want to vote!


Your problem could possibly be the same as this one… check this topic Votes

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This is not an issue.

As TL1 “Basic user” you have 5 votes available. You have currently used up all those 5.


Once you become more carive, by liking, posting creative content, and replying, you will be upgraded to memeber (TL-2) this will give you more votes to be able to use!


TL1 = 5 Votes
TL2 = 10 Votes
TL3 = 15 Votes

As you gain a higher ranking/status here on IFC, you will also get the rights to have more votes in your possession.

Basically the more you contribute to the community, by linking, posting and all that, you will gain TL2 and eventually TL3 maybe some day, as you go up, you also get more votes that you can use

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