Lima'23 event



Hello/Hola/Bonjour/Salam to everyone, LIMA that takes a place once every two years in Langkawi.The actual event was May 23-27 a month ago. All countries in LIMA exhibiting companies from U.K, France, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, India, Pakistam, Saudi Arahia, Belgium, Czech Republic and others. The purpose of this event is bridging the relationship of all countries. All of our 11 pilots are ready for the upcoming event with action and air guidance. We will provide a good photographer, live stream, videographer for this event so that it will be more lively.

LIMA’23 event has discussed and planned for two months by us. Finally this event will be carried out today. Everyone is invited to attend this event with full respect and manners without making any disturbance at a certain time. There are various types of military aircraft from each country will make an indication and static in Langkawi.

The purpose is also to attract the attention of the Infinite Flight staff to focus on the country of Malaysia.

Server: CASUAL

Airport: Langkawi International Airport (IATA: LGK / ICAO: WMKL)

Date&Time: 26 JUNE 2023 / 21[event start=“2023-06-26 21:30” status=“public” name=“LIMA’23” timezone=“Asia/Kuala_Lumpur” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0” reminders=“notification.3.hours,notification.2.hours,notification.1.hours,notification.30.minutes”]
[/event]:30p.m / 01:30GMT



could I come in from HECA?

Now we at Langkawi icao WMKL!!

I’m here now

wanna refeul?

Can you stay for static display here beside of Knight 44 for a while until formation flight have landed???

but the point is a refueling show

Actually it is not refueling but airshow and formation and static display…you can static first after formation landing…so you can fly after us give permission

Welcome! Our opening gambit will commence shortly

evermind I can’t come



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