Lima, Peru using old ICAO

IMG_0159While looking on LiveFlight, I saw someone flying out of Lima, Peru, although what caught my eye was that it was using the old ICAO code SPIM, instead of its current one which is SPJC.

I would assume the Airport Editors will fix it and it will be updated with global :)


I will link this thread to the airport editing slack ;).
Edit: I’ll ask kilt to unlock the issue on github, and i’ll fix the ICAO.

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The issue here is that the old airport still exists in the airport database (the new one is already there). All that needs to be done is remove the old airport from the repository.


Hernrik solved ^^^, thanks allot Hen!

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Thanks for contacting #support! The database shows that Jorge Chávez Airport has the new code:

Maybe LiveFlight is just outdated. I hope this will help you.

Thanks for the report!

Airport Editor Supervisor