Lima Peru, SPJC is not tethered to a City or Country

Hey ya’ll , I noticed you just pushed another scenery update. I just noticed this the other day (Yesterday) while trying to start a flight on IF while running IPAX @ SPJC… It kept telling me I was at an unknown or wrong airport. I checked and double checked my settings in both Apps and everything was all good. Then I noticed this on "Live Flight’ where it says Unknown Country, Unknown City. Can ya’ll look into this for a possible future scenery update? Thank you Kindly, -P-

If it’s an issue with liveflight, please move this over to #thirdparty and @Cameron may be able to assist you at his next availability.

Third party app content is separate to the Infinite Flight airport/navigation updates so it needs to be taken up with the developers of those apps.

…I coincidentally develop LiveFlight, which I’ll get updated as soon as I can :)


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