Lima Center/Approach

Hi, I was flying a few minutes ago and i received a level 2 violation for not following instructions, when descending to Lima at 17,500 feet i contacted Lima Center to change the frequency because it was low enough to contact Lima Approach, but he told me to stay on frequency and i continued descending and at 16000 feet i got a message from Lima Approach to tune with that frequency and I waited a few seconds thinking about what to do, and I chose to change the frequency without approval from the LimaCenter , so when i was with Lima Approach following its vectors to the airport, i was reported from Lima Center for not following its instructions,i can fly normally, but I have to be clarified what to do next time because Lima Approach could also reported me because I wasn’t tuned in to its frequency.
Sorry for the long text, but for me it’s an important question

Please contact the @appeals team so we can help you out with the violation and clarify what went wrong in case something went wrong.
Please make sure to include your replay so we can help you straight away.

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