Lil Squad at London Heathrow Pt. 2 - Heathrow Spotting 19/11/21

Spotting @ EGLL 19/11/21, RWY 27L

Yo guys, fortnite just got cancelled. That’s a kekw from me

In a continuation of Heavies at London Heathrow Pt. 1 - Heathrow Spotting 19/11/21, here’s the lil squad for the day.

Oddly enough it takes an amount of time to sort through a few thousand stills. And even longer to pick only 10 to show to you scrub james charles imposters.

Had to sub to fr24 to get this flight data smh

To start, we have SX-WEB, an Airbus A320-251Neo operated by Sky Express, inbound from Athens, with an Icelandair Boeing 757 departing in the background.

Up next is D-AINU, a 2 year old Airbus A320-271Neo, operated by Lufthansa in the updated livery after a short flight from Munich.

Sus! Sorry, I meant Swiss. Specifically HB-JCI, an Airbus A220-300 inbound from Zurich. One of 2 Swiss A220s spotted on this day.

Very happy to have had the chance to spot G-EUPJ, now 21 years old, an Airbus A319-131 operated by British Airways, flying the BEA Retro Livery. What a catch flying in from Berlin.

Another nice catch is EI-DEJ, an Airbus A320-214 operated by Aer Lingus, sporting the old livery after a flight from Dublin.

Anyone else noticed the lack of Boeing so far? Me neither, so have another Airbus A318-111, operated by Tarom, specifically YR-ASD inbound from Bucharest.

I had wanted to avoid dup airlines, but with 2 wonderful specials from BA, how could I? I had mixed feelings about the BA Better World Livery when it was revealed, but seeing it on G-TTNA, an Airbus A320-251Neo has sealed it as a favourite. What a beautiful shade of blue. And flying in from Venice, no less

You like Jazz? How about 9K-CBC, a Jazeera Airways Airbus A320-251Neo, also in blue? Inbound from Kuwait City airport. “Beautiful BLOOO”

I’m so retro you kids wouldn’t understand. Something that is also retro is JY-AYV, the Royal Jordanian Alia Retro Livery Airbus A321-231, on approach from Amman.

Rounding off the day is a Sassy SAS Ireland Airbus A320-251Neo on final from Oslo,
EI-SIH. Boeing? Why should I be bowing?

That’s all for the 19th. Now for the 20th ;-;

Also you’ll get a birb, just not in this topic either. Trust me, there will be so much birb it’ll be worth the wait. It better be or I may have a lawsuit on my hands…

Gear Used:

Canon EOS 90D
Canon EF L 70-200mm IS USM F4
Canon EF L 24-105mm IS USM F4

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First, am I a part of the rainy days and I hate delayed coach rides club?

Spot on, welcome aboard

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Yay D-AINU! I often see that fella here in MUC

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I was going to yell at you for even deciding to shoot in overcast lighting but then I remembered you live in the U.K so it’s inevitable.

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You mean to say there are lighting conditions other than overcast? Couldn’t be here

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Not even a single Boeing jet, big sad.

Cool photos tho

Boeing and widebodies rn: 💀
nice shots :)

Had a topic dedicated to the widebodies :P

Ain’t going!


Aye I was there same day as u.
Nice shots btw keep it up

What about the Icelandair B737MAX in the first picture xD

Nice spotting! A lot of special liveries!

Much more diversity than just the usual Ryanair and eadyJet I get at Bristol 🤓

Saw this and liked

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