Lil_Qaz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A (TSATC member)

Hi everyone!
I will be at Faaa International (ICAO: NTAA) on training server working on back-taxiing. Feel free to come down and be part of my understanding of back-taxiing!

I’m on my way to help you! ☺️

Thanks! I will read and understand how to label my tiler correctly for next time. Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks for the service,

I will send you the response with the feedback in a pm tomorrow with everything about today’s service.

From what I have seen today it’s very promising indeed, however it’s there are definitely a few tweaks needed.



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Today I want to practice inbound aircraft so please come from a different airport, how far or class that may be. Active: 25L, 25C, 25R

Today I wil be at CYYZ. Active runways are 33R and 33L. Please come out!

Come to northern England’s beautiful scenery! Active runway: 3
Pattern work: Allowed

Could someone, anyone please come I want to work on pattern before the practical.

What’s the date of your practical exam?

I have to wait 8 more days until I can take the written again

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Open at KASE! Make sure you read the restrictions after you spawn in!