L'il Bus...Speedbird EGLL-KLGA

Sup, So I got bored during theis times and decided to do a very unique route, Since BA opperates a A318 to JFK I thought why not La Guardia, So I went to the Training Server and started my very…very unique experience.

So as you can see I spawned in, Moments later a 747 Trampled over the whole terminal as you can see it in the back ground (TRAINING SERVER YAY) And I was getting my flight ready.

V Uno and Rotatè.

Right after my departure a Iberia A350 took off on his Spanish Inquisition. (Please dont be offended he is doing his best ITS HIS INQUISITION)

Sadly I the A318 did NOT come equipped with a 50 Cal so I had to just leave the aircraft alone.

Leaving Ireland and on too Discounted Ireland…CANADA.

Right over Discounted Ireland…Canada.

Approching the Big Apples main apple NEEWWWWW YOOORRRRK (Brooklyn Resident of 13 Years)

La Guardia Tower Speedbird 5 Ready to preform what Cactus 1549 couldn’t…Land on a runway.

RETARD.RETARD.RETARD the plane casually insulates me so I land smoothly and use maximum brakes to inflict damage on the Aircraft which is REVENGE.

Taxing to a random gate and making sure I dont get hit with birds.

That’s all folks, Hope you enjoyed some humor and hope to see you again. #A318Need50Cal


Ok… lol Nice pictures, yeah, sometimes you have to deal with things like that in training server.


I was making a joke because it’s a Spanish Airline but thank you.


Your descriptions alone deserve a like, bravo

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Thank you fellow Pennsylvanian

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Fellow Eastern Pennsylvanian 😉

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Ahh yes your correct

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