Likes vs 'Fillers' Reminder

A small reminder that instead of commenting ‘thanks’ or ‘ok’ comments and then adding (filler) beside it, we would like you to just use the like/heart button instead.

This reduces clutter/noise in topics and helps to keep the forum easy to read for everyone.

Thank you


I’m just waiting for someone to say “Thanks!” or something along the lines of that 😂

Thanks Misha


This has some bad negatives so im still going to say for example, im done… With periods to make it ten

Thanks Misha. Ok.

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In my opinion a like does not express the same as a Thank you. A like is just something small you give to say I like that comment or this idea or the content is great. A thank you tho is a personal thank giving. The person took the time to reply to whatever since it’s important to him or her and a like has just not the same meaning. So thanks for this reminder @MishaCamp, but no thanks ;)

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So instead of says “Thanks”, why not just like the post?

Thanks is like OK or filler, it need only 1 word to say that.

But that one word makes a difference ^^

Now you can’t say filler anyway. The like button suffices, if you really feel the need to say thank you, you can always private message the person.