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So I just hit my daily like limit and it said please wait 20 hours before trying again. I was wondering why it does this. The reason why I am wondering is because sometimes it will sat something like you have reached you daily like limit. Please wait 4 minutes before trying again.


There is a like limit, I believe 50 per day for TL2 or something like that. It’s in place to prevent people from grinding for TL1 and 2. TL3 is now manually given. I don’t really understand the question so this may not be the answer you’re looking for.

There’s a like limit for a reason. This way nobody spams for stats. You’ll get more likes throughout the day as your old ones expire. You get additional likes once you reach TL3.

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Ok thank you @nativetoalaska and @Sashaz55 that explains why. I just wanted to know why the time varies so weirdly sometimes.

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