Likes in a PM

Hi guys, quick question. Do likes received and/or given count towards the likes in my profile and user stats?

No, they don’t (in PM) 🙂

I actually can personally confirm that they do because it happened to me! Someone liked my post in a pm and that gave me the Empathetic badge.

Likes in a PM do not count

The only thing likes count to in a PM is your likes limit. Hope that helps

Likes only apply when in a public or private discourse category. For example, the TL3 lounge category (private) and #general (public)

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Okay, I see. Likes aren’t limited to just the #general category though, right? That was just an example?

That is correct. Likes apply in all categories whether private or public.

Got it, thanks. So it’s just PM’s or group PM’s that this is excluded in. Makes sense!

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Right on the money, Caleb! My pleasure. Feel free to PM me if you have nay other questions.

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Will do, much appreciated! Enjoy your day/night!

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PM likes do not count

@CaptainZac they do to total likes, many times I have reached the like limit in a group PM.

Yes, but they don’t count towards your total likes on the community, they just count towards your daily likes

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