Like recognition broken

My Topic received a Like but didn‘t boost my profile up. Any help?

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Im not really sure what your asking?

The Time miscalculations

I received a like on this topic and my stats say I have recieved 0

In what sense were you expecting it to boost your profile though?

It shows for me that you did.

Why does it glitch on my page?

Just takes time for those kind of things to update im willing to bet if you closed out of IFC and brought it back up you would see it updated.

Make sure you have post closed if your problem is solved

Yeah, but I‘m still not rank 2.

If you should have been, you would be at this point :)

But what are the IFC requirements?

They are not public, to prevent people from farming trust levels

This is very impractical. But why are the LVL 3 requirements listed?

They aren’t? Not in terms of actual numbers.
You can’t really “farm” those requirements.

What about it was misinformation? The TL2 requirements are hidden for the very reason said. The progression to TL2 should be natural, not forced by posting posts that carry no value but to progress to TL2.

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Yeah. But why is the features category restricted?

So that there aren’t multiple Duplicate/invalid requests just for the sake of it?

Because over the 7 years we’ve had this Community running, it’s been quite clear that TL2 has been needed for that category to maintain a certain level of quality of the feature requests.