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Hi! Would anyone happen to know the actual specific like limit on this paticular forum? I have reached it several times and it just got me wondering…

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if you have reached it several times…then you should know what it is


I don’t count the number of likes I give :)

but you said you’ve reach the limit several times…somwhen you reach that limit…“several times” you should know what that number is…so which is it

Lol get a start number of the likes you had at the begininning of the day and once you hit the limit, see how many you got then. The limit should be approximated in the hundreds

It is currently set at 100 likes per day.

@BBJMAX you reach 100 per day!!! Stop giving like to someone wants to PM you Wait for the PM. You never know its good news or bad news.😀

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Thanks for the informative reply Philippe.

@GatwickGuy There’s nothing like a bit of positive thinking!


BBJMAX is the optimistic type ;)

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well well…in your face👊

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