Like button and others on the right instead of the left

Hello there im having this issue idk why it just appeared now, the like button and the others are placed on the right instead of the left, where they should be

Here’s a screenshot:


What’s the issue tho?

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Oh you have it also

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It’s not an issue, just appears to be a discourse update 😝


Well I wouldn’t define it as an issue?..

It’s always been like this tho…

Intended change from Discourse. Not an issue :)


Oh well, Im used to the buttons on the left but…

I was used to iPhones having round edges, now they’re sharp. Changes happen :)


12% of the world is left handed yet they put the like button where my right hand’s thumb scrolls.


Well, sadly, the majority has the advantage…

It’s no biggie, it’s just interesting.

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I’m a righty, it was better on the left still IMO because it kind of works with reading from left to right.

Ngl it looks slightly weird to me at the moment but I’m sure we’ll get used to it.

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