So before I start I want to make it clear that this is just my opinion and maybe many others around.
lately we had an update in the game and it was fantastic everyone agrees, but despite this update even knowing what is coming, I still feel that something is missing and for me it would be a great achievement for the game.

I’m going straight to the point, I came to talk about the lights, I know a lot has already been said about the subject but until today there has never been a change, so I want to hear what the developers have to say about this, because for me this is much more important than the new aircraft.

I’ll start with the TAXIWAY lights, I usually make my flights using real time wherever I am, and usually my flights are at night and everyone here knows how difficult it is to taxi at night, so this is one of the most requested things I would like To hear what you think about it.


Secondly I want to talk about the light of the cities, there is some project in relation to this or we will never have lights in the cities, if there is one when you intend to launch it in the game.


So about the lights inside of the cockpit forsome aircraft, when you announced the rework of the A330 I thought we would have everything done, including the cockpit lights but this did not happen, I do not want to sound critical but I was disappointed with this, and my favorite aircraft B777, this is one that needs a lot.


Approach lighting system, this would also be a good addition but not as urgent as the others, but necessary.

and finally the taxi light that is different from landing light, if we want to appeal so much to the realizes, then we must include it in the list too.

the lights on the IF is one of the things that started being asked a long time ago and for some reason this issue was always avoided, so we got a lot of request for lights closed (of course some are repeated), but this just shows how much We need them in the game.

I watched the last video of laura and jason rosewell (youtube), tried to approach the subject for a few seconds but they did not go very deep because it was not the main subject.

Before anyone decides to close it I will make it clear that I like many here appreciate the work of the developers and we know how much they dedicate themselves in this and the time it takes, but I also think that we are very focused on aircraft that we leave behind some things that would make a lot of difference. (especially the lights at night)

That being said, if anyone has something to say I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, thank you.


They’re in development. I don’t think there’s much to talk about at this point.

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We are working on lighting. This topic was closed as the discussion of ‘who wants lights’ is goes as far as ‘yes’ and then is off topic 🙂