That is not true as with the flashing bright white light it will have negative effects to other pilots and ground crew.


Guys no, it’s 10,000 AGL. You want to be able to see terrain when you’re flying low in high altitude airports, which definitely exist at heights of 10,000ft and above.

The only reason to turn off landing lights below 10,000ft AGL or strobes in flight would be in very foggy conditions to reduce glare. But I’m not sure glare is a feature in IF.


Have produced an updated “Lighting Matrix” as a guide for when to use what and when. Have not put MSL or AGL, as having done some research on proffesional pilot forums, it seems to depend operator to operator if you turn the landing lghts off/on at 10000ft AGL or MSL.



Thank you very much!


Thank you very much!

Is very helpful!