I am here today to ask you if the Landing Lights should be turned ON during night.
Thank You!

Strobe and landing lights!

Landing light are only used from 0ft to 10,000ft.


Read this tutorial by Mark, it has great information!


Here’s a helpful chart.

While we don’t have taxi lights or logo lights, we do have the others.

Note: Strobe lights shouldn’t be used while taxiing.


I did have a second question to add to this, is the 10,000’ and below to be considered AGL or MSL?


I believe it’s MSL, I might be wrong.


Great, I’ll wait to see if anyone can verify.


It is MSL as @Gabe_Z stated. :)


Awesome, that’s what I expected. Made the most sense. Thanks. :)


slight correction, STROBE LIGHTS only go on when you enter a runway and you only turn them off after landing and you clear the runway. Apart form that all good! :)


Another thing wrong, the nav lights should be turned on when you spawn in. Real world they would be turned on whenever the aircraft would be moving or anytime the pilots are on the plane getting it ready for takeoff, at the gates etc. seeing as we cant simulate the conditions real world, just have the nav lights on when you spawn in.


Thank you. I noticed this last month when I looked out of the terminal at a parking aircraft.

I do this in IF since then but I wasn’t sure if that’s an actual standard.


It’s just a chart I found on another topic about appropriate light usage. That is correct though. :)


Whilst most of that chart IS correct but Not the bit about strobes. They NOT to be used on the ground ( according to FAA regs)


I meant you were correct about strobes not being used on the ground. :)


My apologies!

Perhaps I will make an updated matrix to go on here to help!


No worries!


Strobes are used while taxing with GA especially at big airports.


Everybody knows that landing lights must be turned on before takeoff, turned off after reaching 10,000 ft AGL, turned on when descending and reaching 10,000 ft AGL and turned off after landing and leaving the runway but IRL aircraft also have “taxi lights” wich basically are the landing lights from the front gear. Obviously you use them during taxi; but since IF doesn’t have them, I like to turn landing light on during taxi to simulate they are taxi lights. It can be more realistic and definitly a feature IF developers could add, it isn’t too complicated.


day or night they should be used from 0 feet to 10000 feet