Lights reflecting off ground

Hello guys ik some other people have brought this up but, do u ever wonder u know what might make if more realistic, well by adding the old feature, light’s reflecting off the ground I personals think this would be a great feature to welcome back. What do u guys think?

This used to be an old feature? I’ve never heard of lights reflecting off the ground being a feature in the past

Also, you can vote for the feature here to express your support: Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground

Really im suprized yt it too see

Can you send the link of the YouTube video you’re talking about?
Edit: Never mind, I think I found it
Found some reflection in the trailer: Infinite Flight Trailer - YouTube at 1:18 ish
That’s really cool, can’t believe I never noticed that

This is from pre-global. I bet the reason it isn’t a thing anymore is to reduce the strain on our devices.

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Hmmm make it not do that then🗿

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