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Can someone tell me how to use my strobe lights and landing lights correctly? Which lights do I use when I cross a runway?

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You should turn on your strobe lights when entering a runway and your landing lights when you are cleared to take off by ATC, turning the landing lights off at 10000ft, and back on again when you go back through 10000ft. Once you exit the runway you turn them both off.


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My conclusion is to use strobe and landing lights just during takeoff and landing!
I mean just entering runway, turn on strobe and landing lights and then after departure turn off just landing lights! and on landing as strobe are on, just turn on landing lights when entering final to runway!

Strobe lights need to be on all the time from when you are cleared to enter the runway by ATC until you land and pass the hold short line upon exit.

Landing lights are switched on along with strobes once cleared to enter the runway, turned off when passing through 10000ft, then turned on again when passing back through 10000ft until you land and pass the hold short line upon exit.

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Check this table to understand it!


So when I cross a runway I just turn on my strobe lights but not the landing lights?


Beacon lights when you spawn, when ready to push back I’d turn on your nav lights, when 1st or 2nd to takeoff, turn on strobes and landing lights, strobes stay on for whole light while landing lights are only needed under 10k feet

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There are many many good tutorials in the tutorials category.

When crossing runways you have strobes and landing lights on. Turn them off once exiting the runway again.

Nav lights on when you spawn. Beacon on right before pushback and until you park and shut down engines at your destination. Strobes AND landing lights come on whenever you enter a runway for takeoff OR crossing. Don’t turn them on until you enter the runway, not while you’re waiting.

  • NAV lights: when the aircraft switches on power, which isn’t available in IF, so just after spawning is the next best thing
  • Beacon lights: just before starting an engine and untill all engines have been shut down
  • Strobe lights: before entering a runway, including crossing one, until having vacated the runway after crossing or landing
  • Landing lights: after receiving takeoff clearance until passing 10,000 feet and from 10,000 feet until having vacated the runway after landing

When there are runway entrances on opposite sides of the runway, and they are in use, landing lights are turned on after lining up to not blind pilots entering the runway from the opposite side.


Strobes on whenever the aircraft is occupying or crossing an ACTIVE runway or airborne.

Landing lights as the aircraft lines up for departure (nothing worse than being blinded by someone on the other side of the runway!!!) up to 10,000’ on the departure.

From 10,000’ to landing and off when vacating the runway.



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