Lights on plane

I was wondering when lights within the planes(on the windows), are going to be added to the game. I saw on youtube that some people have the lights for some reason, but as I am flying a 7 hour flight I was wondering if getting lights within the plane(from passengers) was possible.

I believe some newer planes have them but older ones do not but I’m not totally sure.

Hello! Vote for them here:

I am flying the A350 so it is a newer aircraft. I think its weird that such a huge and popular game dosn’t have cabin lights.

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Thanks! Ill make sure to vote for them :)

Older aircraft models that does not have cabin views contain window textures that light up in the night. Newer ones may not. If you would like to see window lights in aircraft during night times, feel free to vote below.

The below topic contains a different form of “in cabin” lighting.

I think the a350 doesn’t have lights because it has the space for a cabin.

Landing lights are said to be in development but with the absence of project metal it’s kinda difficult so whenever project metal is out landing lights should be implemented the same goes to 3D building and other complex feature that needs to be added 🙂

This topic belongs in #features

Yes it does. but @fraolwashere is not TL2.

Aren’t they gonna be in the next update

That hasn’t really been confirmed nor denied. Project Metal can take as long as it needs to which will be gateway for that.

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This topic is fine here in #general. The OP isn’t necessarily requesting a feature, just simply making an inquiry as to why cabin lights/light window textures are not yet in the sim. :)

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