Lights on ground - Cities

It would make the game even better if you, the infinite flight team, staff and managers if you added lights to the cities and other regions. many others and i, have noticed its terribly dark at night when the moon isnt up and i would actually use the night time more as a time option if these feutures where in the game.

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Hi there! Nice idea, but there is someone that has come up with the exact same idea!

Go ahead and vote for it if you want it to be added!


i see but this was posted 4 years ago when the old version of IF was in play. i would like to push this idea foward as i think it would be great in global version

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The topic has over 100 votes, so I highly doubt that it will be closed. Your idea and the idea of the OP of the original topic are very similar.

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oh right haha just my opinion

That doesn’t sound like an opinion. Sounds like a request. And as stated. There’s a topic exactly similar to this in #features

Def a good idea… hope it comes in the near future…

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@Matt_Hulena The topic that @Luke_Sta linked you may be 4 years old but it’s still active as of 4 days ago. Simply continue the discussion there as it already has 141 votes on it. Additionally, you need to be a TL2 (Member) user to post in the #features category. By engaging within this community your status will automatically upgrade from one tier to the next.