Lights inside the cockpit

Nothing big but it would be cool if the cockpit would have lights inside it… I’m sure there is a fancy word for that but I mainly fly with the cockpit view and I barely go to night mode because of that reason and it would be cool to add that in :smile:


This is what I mean image


747s and Citation X has lit cockpits.

A320 Family will have it when it’s released.

Best, Boeing707


While there are lit displays and controls, it would be nice to have lights that light up the whole panel, as evidenced in the autopilot controls, similar to the wingtip lights, as the areas of the cockpit that do not contain controls are still pitch black.

That looks pretty amazing but the thing I’m concerned about is the device support (basically graphics and overall performance). Some devices may lag and some devices would make flying impossible. FDS has to think on that before implementing this amazing feature into the game :)

We do already have PFD, ECAM, button lights in IF. But it would be nice to have them in all models.

Also more sprecifically we need flood and lights in the cockpit


We do? I don’t believe we have them.

Yeah ofc. It is in the a320, Cessna Citation X, C130, dash 8 and Boeing 747

We cannot interact with them.

Yeah. I was saying how we have lights illuminated in those areas

Well this is just about 2 years old, and I don’t think the OP is active :).


OMFG… I realized now the date lol

It is also very hard to see inside the cockpit during night. Adding lights would eliminate this problem

For now, you can just change it to day for landing until the developers implement this idea.