Lights in the Cabin

Is there lights in the cabin I have see lot of pictures that the lights on in the cabin is this possible?

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Only on the A320family and on the Dash-8 yet
You need to set your graphics settings to the highest to see them

And 747-400

You also need to set your time to sunset, sunrise or night to see the lighting. It will not work on time setting: Noon :)

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The 747’s have cockpit instrument lights, not cabin lights :)


So I need it the highest graphics available ?

Airplane Quality has to be High.

What is the difference between the Boeing 777-200ER and the Boeing 777-200LR

LR is Long Range. Bigger fuel tanks, more capacity,etc.

It does not work


No it doesn’t because it’s only on A320 and Dash-8.

And my graphics

OK, try the A320…

Or Dash8…

Thanks for your help

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You go man!

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