Lights in cockpit: hint in instagram comment?

When I was browsing IF instagram I found this interesting comment:
Then I googled “emissive map” and get something like this:

So I came to wonder if we can finally get lights like this:

Can someone explain? (Note this is not a feature request)


Im not sure but the white lights you mean are called flood lights, but as i said im not sure if they have other name

If it’s just glowing words in the panel then it’s not something to be worked on as we already had them…so I’m confused

Emissive maps are similar to what the 3D buildings use at night. They aren’t actually generating any light but they appear to be lit up. That’s about the simplest description I can give


I’m confused as well. Since we already had those lights in the cockpits but they were removed for some reason.

Maybe they’ll make a return?


Yep, we already have them but remember that this is a new cockpit and they need to work again in the panel lighting, but maybe we can get new features like in the 752


Actually, another way to think of it is similar to glow in the dark. It lights itself up but doesn’t actually cast any light. It’s quite handy for low level rendering.

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That’s what I’m thinking about, maybe we can have a certain area of the cockpit that use this kind of texture so that they can glow at night? like the red area. (compare them to the main topic)

(I’m a total noob at 3D modelling so it may sound stupid)


Who knows, it might be possible in the future. We just have to wait and see!


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