Lights! Heavies! Crazy Wind! PANC Spotting! 3/29/2020


Hey guys!

Today, I went spotting again at PANC! The winds were crazy, at a max (and usually continuous) speed of twenty-five knots! I stood out there nonetheless, for the planes.

And guess what? I spotted my first landings!! My dumb camera battery died for the first one and the last one, but I did get some good shots of the second one.

So, here are some of my best shots from the day!

Here’s a Kallita Air 747-400 parked, being refueled before heading on to KLAX.

It’s kind of rare to see a go around at PANC, but today’s winds were insane! Two separate Asiana Cargo 747’s went around in a row! Here’s one of them.

Taxiing to the north cargo ramp is this awesome UPS 767-34AF.

Here are the tails of some 747’s being refueled on their way to either KORD or an Asian destination.

And here’s the view from one of my four or five spotting locations for today.

And now, here are my best shots. These feature the huge, the monstrous, the mighty 747-8 blasting off to KORD in the Nippon Cargo livery!

Here is my first ever time spotting a landing!!! I have one with tire smoke, but the nose is cut off, so this one is better. Here’s an Alaska 737-700 (N613AS) that really took advantage of the 30 knot direct headwinds to make the butteriest landing I’ve ever seen!


This wouldn’t be a spotting topic without BIRB :)

Here’s your American Birb. His name is Hunter.

Thanks for viewing my spotting pics!! Let me know how I did and what to improve on!

”Thank you, good day, Alaska096”


Nippon Cargo Airlines!, Nippon Cargo Airlines!!, Nippon Cargo Airlines!!!

I can’t breathe seeing that amazing NCA. Awesome pictures @anon38496261!

Good times


Thank you! The NCA is awesome.

Let me know if you’d like to fly it in IF sometime 😉


Sure, will let you know :)

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ok buddy take a chill pill.

Is NCA like a part of ANA? They both have “Nippon” in the name, so I’m not sure.

Subsidiary of All Nippon Airways.

The City of Giants

Amazing 747 shots mate!

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Thank you!

Is that actually what it’s called or is it just a rather clever nickname?

Just a name that I gave it.


Look at the person vs the winglet 😱


I know, right? They’re rather impressive, especially when you see one in person!


For sure, just look at that!


Great pictures! Love the Nippon Cargo takeoff for sure. The scenery there is amazing!

In @anon57683537’s picture above, they don’t look so big, but man they are!!


Amazing shots! Well done!


Thank you! The scenery here is better than anywhere else.


Thank you!

If only we didn’t live 1500 nm away, we could totally schedule a spotting day!

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Mmm, I might disagree with that… 😏

If I had to pick one place to fly in AK though, it would be Juneau. I’ll give you that. 😆

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Have you seen the Chugach Mountains? Or Mt Susitna (known as the “Sleeping Lady”)?

If you ever come to PANC and go spotting there, make sure to make a topic and tag me in it, lol.