LIGHTS FOR Realistic feel and night fly

All we need frm dev frm next update is 3 things… 1) proper taxi lights.— i dnt thng all r using night flyng for an option. coz they even cannot taxi their aircraft to the runway. if dev could add proper taxi lights, it would be better exp ., 2) proper landing light ----- in ths simulator, landing light s just for a show up… if devs could add proper takeoff/landing lights, it would be an awsome exp. 3) CITY lights. adding some lights in city wont be a big deal for matt… as we see, in night or eve mode we can see the lights in runways, they could add some lights in city , which will get some realistic effects, . 4) proper appr lights is an another option…

i know its hard for devs to impliment thesemuch in IFS. but i must appreciate team for such a gr8 job… thank u matt for such a gr8 sim… cheers guys

This is a feature requet plzz change

, searched for feature topic but didnt found, so posted here… lemme try one more tym… thnk u dude

He means the section you have put it on general but it needs to go to the feature section😎😄

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