Lights following roads on ground


Today I am bringing an idea that would be awesome to have in Infinite Flight.

When you are approaching a city at night, you will always remember the view on the roads below, the lights and the cars driving under you as you are approaching your destination.

Having lights added where roads are going would bring a massive improvement, and a lot more realism when approaching an airport at night, hence making it a valuable feature on the game.

An idea for how it will be added from me is as following: having just light running over the roads below. No light post and no actual roads. This would look good, at the same time isn’t as hard on the game performance wise as it would have been with actual lampposts.

This would be a great addition to the simulator, and I hope you will vote for this!!

Please continue here, seems to be similar:


Similar, yet not identical. Mine differs as it’s not about city lighting, but lighting the roads. Have you even read through my review, or only read the title and seen the picture?


But… they are asking for the same thing. It’s city lighting at night 🤷‍♂️


I think not

City lights ≠ Road lights

He’s not asking to light up 5 blocks, but only the strands of roads


I’m not going to fight any longer.

I don’t see a difference.

Good day.

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Voted! Love the idea Jens

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Don’t want to start a war here but i kind of agree…

the lights you see from a plane are mostly street lamps and car lights which are mostly the same thing as requested in the topic that was linked…

once again, I dont want to start a battle, just my 2 cents


I actually love this idea. As we speak, I’m flying a VFR route from Pitt Meadows to Nanaimo following real world procedures. I’ve got to say, this would help a lot for night VFR.


Cars were not requested, using pathos as an introduction to a feature request is allowed as of my knowledge.

The other feature request puts a lot more weight on city lights from buildings.

Again differing from the other request, mine allows for lights at more rural areas, and not only cities and larger population centers.

At the end of the day, wether or not they differ enough is not up to me, nor you.


He doesn’t ant any stream lamps just lights like how they look
On the runway just instead following roads

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So is this feature request including multiple features? Because it says that only one feature per post.

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May you list those for me?

I literally didn’t say there were, i simply asked…

I want this!!!

Me too @CaptainZac

Why are people trying to shut down this request? If you don’t like it, move on.

Cool request, @Jens_Severin! I’ll keep this in the back of my head. 😉


The request is certainly very cool, however I’d just like to highlight one potential issue I can see here.

With the scenery in IF not being the highest quality, it’s incredibly difficult to pick out individual roads. In the case of a sim like X-Plane or MSFS, lights are placed using autogen (which requires much higher quality scenery, or lots of position data for roads and buildings), a feature that doesn’t exist in Infinite Flight currently, or the alternative where they are placed manually, individually. This would require a drastic amount of time and manpower to be feasible.

Also having moving lights across these roads (cars) would mean another object to load and render, which I can imagine having a substantial hit on performance.

I certainly agree that it would look incredible (night flying as a whole looks amazing with proper lighting) but I suspect this is something that would come as part of having general city lighting. I’m not saying it’s the same request: I’m well aware your intentions differ.

Maybe in the future it might happen. Either way cool request.


Im happy with the light system in the cities, i think it whould be great if we get better lights at night, if this happend i will actually begin to fly at night. Great idea:)


It’s also to have lights render from another source , such as Open Street Map.

I have already pointed out that cars are not requested, due to infinite flight being a mobile simulator.