Lights at Night

In infinite flight are we required to turn on strobes whilst taxing at night? (On expert server)


Nope that’s why we have beacon and nav lights. (Way brighter in real life.)

  • Only on runway.

Expert server really has no rules, beside the fact that you have to be respectful towards other players (i.e, not crashing, taxiing into them, etc), and you must follow all ATC instructions if ATC is active. Other than that, it is up to you how much realism you’d like to incorporate into your experience, though it is highly preferred, considering you are on expert.


Strobes are to be used when entering the runway on departure and then turned off after exiting the runway on arrival. As we don’t have taxi lights in IF, some pilots like to use their landing lights whilst taxiing, but it isn’t necessary and certainly shouldn’t be used when there’s heavy traffic :)

If you’d like to incorporate further realism to your flights, your landing lights and seatbelt signs are disengaged when passing 10,000 feet


Seatbelts are SOP dependant (I tend to turn them off after rate of climb is at or below 1500fpm because I use N1 based climb so I sometimes go 3000fpm until over FL200)

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What are you flying that you’re climbing at 3000fpm? Surely that gets uncomfortable?

Seatbelts aren’t disengaged if there is turbulence.

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I figured that one was self explanatory and didn’t need mention ;)


A rocket…

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Landing light for VFR flights are only required at night for non commercial operations. For example, if you’re just chilling VFR on a 172 you don’t need landing lights at night.

Haha yeah I can imagine :P However I don’t see any Airbus/Boeing aircraft climbing at the rate, surely that’s really uncomfortable for the Pax, I know descending fast cause pain due to the nitrogen in the body trying to leave the body.

Really not that uncommon hmmm…?

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umm… i’m definitely not doing that…

Lol don’t worry, 3000 isn’t that much, even a FL200. Have a look on Flightradar: you can see clearly N1 based climb is used, sometimes they go 4000fpm for the first couple of thousand feet.


Ya especially on steep takeoffs. (12 degree and above)

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