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I have two questions about the flight simulator, on night flights, they will update the lights of airplanes, cities and taxiways ?? I think they should do it in a quick way to feel the realism that this game already has,
my second question, there is some way to turn off the replay mode of flights, because when long flights are made the recording can weigh up to 1G

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Good point on an option to switch off replays.

  1. There is already a topic about this, make sure to search before asking :)
  2. Not that I’m aware of…

No, but you can export your replay files to Google Drive for example and save them. That’s what I do, here’s all my flights I have saved. (I’m a bit behind and have to save some replays). Once I save everything I just delete the file from IF, then it’s in the cloud and I can redownload it anytime via Google Drive.

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Hey there mate, there is also a feature related with this topic, feel free to post on it:

Also, please check Features for post this type of topics:

I mean, change this topic into Features, and just enter one feature per
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In near future they will update this!

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